Our Busy Bunch

of Holland Lops and Mini Rex

Our first planned litter of girls

Sirious Black, our photogenic black lab

It is amazing how tiny they were!

We've moved. Our new home is at www.southerncharmgrowingfarm.weebly.com due to size issues. Come check us out! We moved physically as well so we thought it was a good time to change our site.

Things are always busy at Busy Bunnies Rabbitry! Currently we are waiting for three new litters, two litters of Mini Rex and one Holland Lop so wish us well and watch for updates!

The kids started participating in a 4-H Rabbit group in Kentucky after we purchased two broken castor mini rex, Msichana and Bankie. Since then we fell in love with rabbits and realized it could be a start towards achieving our kids goals of earning money for themselves. We prefer small breeds presently because they are more versatile as pets or in the ring.  Since moving to western Wisconsin we now have a heated/cooled garage for our 15 rabbits (and expected offsprint) and look forward to what the future brings. 

Also, another doe (CoCoa Puff) purchased only for color; thinking her pedigree wasn't so important because we were just using her color to improve our line, ended up caring a Vienna gene. When Vienna carriers are bred with non vienna carriers the offspring have may have markings that make them unshowable. This is what happened with us. The babies are adorablebut are not breedable in our original line

As we acquired our Hollands and the American Fuzzy cross we learned about the different personalities different breeds have. At this point; whenever anyone with small children asks me what breed would be good for them I recommend the Holland Lop. American Fuzzy seem to have a more sensitive shy personality which is not good for frequent handly and Mini Rex nails grow sharp quickly resulting in more scratching and injuries to humans. However, Mini Rex are so soft they are hard to refuse.
Or goals
We would like to add Netherland Dwarfs, Polish, and Jersey Woolies so that we can provide a rounded choice of options for sales. Watch our "Busy Bunnies" page for evidence of future plans and growth!

Market analysis
Pet and show quality markets in Kentucky are strong so we hope to work to improve our breeds and share our love with others. Building a business of rabbits is only a stepping stone to opening a business of breeding and training dogs. The rabbits make a great learning tool to talk about genetics and breeding for specific traits which can later be moved to breeding dogs. Also, the rabbits are more popular with our daughter so our first dog breed will be chosen by our younger son. Over the next year he will provide information he learns about what breeds he is considering and what he needs to do to prepare for expansion to dogs. 

We will let you know what we learn about Wisconsin markets as we dive in for the 2013 year.