Our Busy Bunch

of Holland Lops and Mini Rex

SD's Misty Sprinkles is our insiration to expand into Holland Lops

Holland does

SD's Misty Sprinkles
Sprinkles just had her first litter. We lost a solid blue kit but the other 3 survived! We are so excited to have our first HL litter. Watch to see how Sprinkles does in the next upcoming months at shows. She is filling out nicely and is a cute little thing!
Country Charm's Holstein

Broken Black Doe

b. 11/29/2010

Sire: LL  Maximus

Doe: Bucketown's Cinnamon

Holstein joined us in Kentucky just we before we moved back to Wisconsin. Thank you Amy. We love here. Hopefully Dudley will prove her well this weekend with a new litter. By the way, her name seems very appropriate. She loves her food!

purchased from Amy Duvall of Upton, KY

Our newest arrivals! BEW Holland Lop does

LSB's AJ Blueberry
CNB Baby Blues
b. 6/12/2012

Holland Lop Bucks

Pride N Joy's Timber

Holland Lop Self Black Buck

b. 02/03/11 

Sire: Buckettown's Stump

Doe: Naragon's Maya

purchased from J&B Bunnies

Country Charm's Dudley

C13 Country Charm's Dudley

Blue Tort Buck

b. 2/12/11

Sire: Buckettown's Prince

Doe: Buckettown's Sophie

Dudley joined us in Kentucky just before we moved to Wisconsin. What a sweet boy he is. His new home is between Sprinkles, an up and coming blue doe, and his old friend Holstein. He seems to prefer younger ladies. I caught him kissing Sprinkles yesterday. They will make wonderful babies. They both have great bloodlines and personalities. We are excited to see what their future brings. We intend to put them in the show ring here in Wisconsin. Hopefully we can get Grand Champions for one or both of them. 

purchased from Amy Duvall of Upton, KY

Mia's Lil' Boy Boo
His picture and info will be added soon.